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 hello, goodbye my friend.
25 March 2011 @ 05:26 pm
He hasn’t left me & never will. Is it normal for somebody to be obsessed with you? Is that love? I don’t know.. My heart hurts. I’m a step closer to getting my two angels back home with mommy where they truly belong. I’m also just going to keep the peanut growing inside of me. My God tells me so, no I won’t/can’t abort, that’s just wrong. Be in program soon, very soon. Let’s see how this all plays out.
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 hello, goodbye my friend.
08 March 2011 @ 06:33 pm
Thing’s just isn’t looking up for me at the moment. My so called “baby” I was to marry this year, beat me and left me. Probably for someone else.. Now I find I’m pregnant again from this “arsehole” and he’s no where in sight to let him know I’m going to abort, which goes' highly against my religion! All this right before my birthday. Also cause of him, my other two children are in care and now I must go through a long process to get them back, him? No, he can sit back and just be a lazy ass! Watch me do all the work. Well buddy I will and I am going to!! All 3 kid’s will be mine (If I keep this new one that’s growing), and we are moving down south to Oklahoma with my sister!

Hopefully see Hanson for first time in 13 years! Awesome!
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 hello, goodbye my friend.
26 January 2011 @ 06:44 am

What time is it? 4:30, it's not late, naw, naw, just early, early!

Me & my babys are doing alright. My 3 baby, baby daddy, baby baby & baby boy! We shall marry soon & have bigger family! Something I never knew existed.. true love is real & alot of fucking work! In the end it is totally worth it.

Bless y'all. Nighty night. I mean morny morning!
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 hello, goodbye my friend.
16 November 2010 @ 04:40 pm
"When I'm making my movie, you keep saying all my lines"
Had a baby girl on the 5th of November, Ja, this month.
Going through alot of untold C R A P right now.
Just trying to live day by day.

I'm so freakin lonely.. All I have is this now.
Thanks world, you freakin FREAK.

Hanson and CB are making me happy to say the least.
Thank GOD for good music.
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 hello, goodbye my friend.
06 April 2010 @ 02:54 pm
Found out on the 30th I'm having another miracle. This baby should be born around Oct/Nov area.  I'm loving the new Tokio Hotel & Hanson music. Hmm, must search and see who else is coming out with some wonderful music to fill my day!

Just feeding my little peanut some chili right now, weird cravings already! As for my other one, he's digging!! He'll be 3 soon, hope he loves being a big brother.

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 hello, goodbye my friend.
05 February 2010 @ 02:37 am
I’m still here..
Mostly use this LJ for reading comms & comments.
It’s Kurt’s month, yeah not V-month, Kurts!
Besides that, looks like me & Tay get 27 this year!
Let’s hope we make it past this one!

Laters  ;)

P.S. Nice high 3am in the morning, the wonders of being alone with good music & a good bowl! LEAVE ME!
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 hello, goodbye my friend.
13 November 2009 @ 11:31 am

They just keep getting better ;D
 hello, goodbye my friend.
26 August 2009 @ 01:14 pm
i can't seem to put CB's new album down, this is the best thing ever. so happy. HAPPY. ;D
i love these guys music so much, it's my kind of music. something i'd have done, if i wanted. but no, i never share my own personal music ;P
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 hello, goodbye my friend.
04 August 2009 @ 10:30 am
I can't read, Nathan broke my glasses.
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 hello, goodbye my friend.
21 July 2009 @ 08:02 pm
I got a Wii finally! Got Mario Galaxy & Zelda's Twilight Princess, I'm  pretty buys now ;D
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